“We faithfully believe that with a solid work team, well-studied developments, good seams, perfect cuts and comfort, are the beginning of a product’s life, if the base is good, the results can be surprising.”

We develop your product always thinking how get the best standard for your brand.

In 2008, as a trading department of Fujian Yuanhong Industry provide OEM & ODM service for many brands, around the world. Become an indenpendent company in 2014, with offices in Jinjiang City which is more convenient for the development of shoes’ business. Till now, we have established offices in Hebei Province and Wenzhou City.


YESH® have humbly grown to become one of the largest independent footwear manufacturer in the market.
Having built a robust in-house work team comprised of variously skilled individuals.


Customer oriented, we make full use of all the resources with all our effective works reasonable development and resources allocations.


We provide comfortable, healthy, fashionable and worthwhile sport, casual lifestyle and kid shoes to people all over the world.

“We are a great team united by the passion for fashion, good products and new possibilities that technology gives us”.

We wait for you…



“Sneakers are shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise. But today, they have become a symbol of freedom, style and avant-garde, a sneaker, can be technical and also beautiful”

We have a very special touch for sport sneakers, you will use, everiday, no mather the situation.



We love casual shoe, because it’s a great way to express your mood. We definitely are a shoe lover. The right pair of shoes can change the feel of an outfit.

We offer all kind of casual shoe constructions, we follow trends and catwalks, for give to your company a strong knowledge to the future collections.



“Our small products require a careaccording to details, we get the fashion and comfort of the great catwalks and offer it, so your children’s shoe collection stands out from the other brands.”.

We focus on kids, because is the best way
to have a long term fashion bussines.

We offer a world of possibilities

Our developments include all kinds of products, sport, casual, fashion and techinc shoe
in a great variety of techniques and materials chosen for daring and striving designers.


Capable of handling large corporate business as well as small independent start-ups.

YESH® have develop products for fashion brands (Benetton, Regatta, U.S Polo, Diadora, etc) as well as designing products retail for some of the World’s biggest shopping mall, online and offline startegy (Amazon / Carrefour).


REGATTA Great Outdoors











We are in contact with factories and markets all over the world and are able to source the best manufacturer, for the best price and locations.

Work with factories across the world, including but not limited to: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Spain, Portugal, Italy and of course, China.


As a fashion trader, creativity is the bedrock of everything we undertake–whether it’s footwear, accessories, or even fashion product. With a talented and diverse team consisting of footwear designers, product designers and graphic designers, we are able to handle any type of project and powered to your production.


In rare instances, great 2D designs can sometimes not translate to the 3D real World, and as good Product Developers, we are able to recognise this.

We follow the process on factories and development centres – supporting them with development from the prototype stage, all the way to finalized sample product.

Quality Process

YESH® take care human rights care, environmental friendly, Reputation, Strict quality control system, prompt delivery, management team with profound footwear industrial background, beacuse is the best way to wor for top brands and top retailers worldwide.

More than 10 years of experience in shoes production, mainly
engage in vulcanized, cementing & injection shoes, besides,
also slippers, sandals & lady fashion shoes.





Exporting fashion business, has not only covered shoe…


We develop all kind of products, we are in the best productive area in the world, and we know how expand your possibilities in the market.
As located in Jinjiang city which has the whole & complete shoes supply chain,we also help factories from South-east Asia such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, to purchase raw materials & outsoles.

Yesh has reached long-term agreements with different materials’ suppliers, covering the leather, synthetical PU, microfiber, clothing, canvas, outsoles and so on. For brands, we are using the brand suppliers which are same to the good brands of NIKE®, CONVERSE® and so on.


We are in the best place
of shoe universe.

We are located in China, our factories products mainly produce in Jijiang, also in Wenzhou, Hebei and Henan factories. Which is one of the four biggest shoes production bases in China. The major production area is in Jinjiang city, which is very famous for the shoes manufacturing, equips the whole complete chain for shoes Industry and keeps the stable quality and reasonable cost. Besides, Yesh also extends production to Wenzhou Area & Heibei Area which has high competitive in price, to satisfy different clients’ demands.

We are customer-oriented and market-aware and are specializing in the sport shoes, casual shoes and kids shoes to satisfy your own needs. To catch up with the international market trends, they are required to take part in various kinds of exhibitions and to learn and absorb the advanced technique for shoes-making.

Sample Room

Our sample room, is ready to carry out all kinds of prototypes in different constructions, we have qualified technicians and a great variety of materials at your disposal.

New Shapes

We offer you an infinite variety of shapes, last and outsoles, a great range of qualities and finishes, but we always offer you to open your own molds, we always try hard to make your creations are authentic and unique.


Every fashion company must have this department, we empower it for your developments to come to life, and we offer you a wide range of products designed season-wise.


The crucial point in the operation, production must exceed your expectations and within the approved timing, without delays and with all the guarantees that this market demands.

Materials, Cut & Stitch

In a project development, the most important is the raw material, good qualities mixed with good finishes, will make your products shine in the showcase and express the value of your brand.


We have provided eye-catching packaging for many products and we provide service in this area.
Understanding the product that will be placed inside is fundamental to creating brilliant and relevant packaging designs,this is where we hold a key advantage when working on packaging for our creations.

Guirenniao is YESH’s major cementing factory, established in 1987.  There are 30 stitching groups & 13 assembling lines in total. Its Production capacity could reach 700,000 prs of shoes per month. R&D center has around 300 people and could make thousands of samples every month.


There are more than 20 stable and long-term suppliers in cooperation with YESH. They are covering different type of shoes. All our main suppliers passed BSCI or Brand’s audit. Yuanhong, founded in 1988 is YESH’s major vulcanized factory which equips 9 stitching groups & 4 assembling lines with the monthly production capacity of 200, 000 prs of shoes, and 40 staffs in the sample room to bring 600 prs of new samples.



Long Life to your product

We make full use of the location advantage to cooperate with our suppliers and provide qualitative products and services to our customers. Our distinguished QC team who are highly experienced with the shoes making and quality control required. Asides from attaching great importance to the test of raw materials resulting in the foundation of our own laboratory, we strictly control and supervise every aspect of the shoes making, from the samples making to mass production in a whole process to guarantee the quality and delivery.

We work together with a strict quality control system.




9D,Hengdali Commercial Bldg.,
Chidian Town,
Jinjiang City,
Fujian Province.


2A, 1#Unit , 8# Building,
Jiaxin Huating,
Anyang Country, Rui An City
Zhejiang Province.


1602, 3#Unit, 15# Building,
Jingxin Scenery Park,
Anxin Country, Baoding city
Hebei Province.